Video Game Creation

  • Join us to and create your own video games. Our courses are oriented for students with no previous knowledge of programming, some programming and experts.
    We use new visual programming languages made specifically for video game creation. All games must follow our non-violence policy.
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Language & APP Programming

  • On these courses we bring the best from the Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ORACLE and Microsoft in terms of computer languages. We have courses for all levels of programming, from a beginner all the way to the expert that looks for perfection on his/her code. Our easy to follow classes provided by experts in the field, engage and motivate our students to create their best code.
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Animation Cartoons Comics

  • Join us and create your own animations with the world’s easiest animation courses. Designed to have your drawings up and moving in minutes! It will let you design animations for movies, greeting cards, websites, presentations and school projects. Our courses are designed to encourage the artist in everyone.
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Web & Blog Creation

  • Our web and blog creation courses will show you how to design and develop beautiful websites from the ground up. We utilize the world standard in web development tools like WordPress, HTML and Java. With our easy to learn techniques, you will be able to build a simple, yet powerful and functional website in no time. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a computer wiz!

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  February 2012   Reference Letter:             Kids’ Great Minds   It is my pleasure to provide positive feedback regarding the Kids’ Great Minds program that was conducted at Baythorn P.S. Under the guidance of Sonia Karabin and Alex Buk, our grade 2/3 class prepared animated video clips of different science concepts.  The students were excited to learn how to use a new computer program that could make movies. As they played with the computer program they were immersed in science content for many hours and they can now demonstrate a deeper understanding of the science principles compared to the way the concepts have been traditionally taught. Sonia and Alex interacted with the students in a very supportive and professional manner.  The students had a wide range of skills and needed differing levels of support to be successful.  With the expert session planning and classroom management of Sonia and Alex, all students were engaged in the work and successfully produced an animated clip of the science content related to their grade level. It is extremely important for Sonia and Alex to provide high quality instruction for all students.  They have two children in elementary school and realize the impact that solid partnerships with parents, teachers and experts can have on students’ learning.  They wanted to share their knowledge and support the work that teachers do in the classroom.  They understand that presentations in schools must be affordable so that all students can benefit from enriching learning opportunities. I have no hesitation recommending ‘Kids’ Great Minds’ as a special service provider for any school.

—Jacqueline Linton, Principal at Baythorn P.S.

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Java programming Level 1 (Live and online)

Join us in our Java Level 1 course!!! This course will be provided entirely online, so you don’t even have to leave your home to participate. The Java online course will be provided in 8 classes of 90 minutes each. Alex Buk, who has been a professor at universities, colleges and is currently the Director […]

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Act Now!!!

Get a FREE 3D printed keychain with your child’s name by registering in one of our courses by Friday, January 9th 2015.  

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Join our amazing team!!!

We are hiring!! Our team is experiencing a tremendous growth for the third year in a row   and we are now looking for people that like to work with #kids, know a thing or two about   #computers and have a car. We have full time and part time positions available.   If you are looking for a #summer #job, let us know, we have MANY positions available.   Send your resume to [email protected]

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