Who We Are

“You have to be burning with “an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right.” If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out”
Steve Jobs, Former CEO and President, Founder of Apple Inc.

Kids Great Minds or KGM, is a dynamic and growing organization passionate and dedicated to teaching kids digital technology. Our goal is to ignite a child’s individual creativity, intellect and interest by providing a variety of computer based courses designed to introduce new concepts and develop core competencies in many of today’s cutting edge technologies such as computer animation, programming, web and blog design, video game development and more. We believe every child is unique and learns differently depending on their individual strengths. We customize the learning experience to tap into a child’s passion for learning and give him or her tools to excel in a safe, relaxed and guided environment. This leads to a higher self-esteem, sense of accomplishment and helps to develop problem solving skills. Click here to learn more about the benefits of healthy screen time. Fun computer learning adapted for a child’s individual needs is our focus.

Why Us?

With so many educational options out there it is very hard to know who to choose? At KGM we want to make your decision easy and straightforward based on our course offerings, expert instructors, top technology partners, unique learning environment and convenient locations
Here is what our customers say about our educational format

Our Course Offerings

KGM offers a wide variety of age specific courses for ages 6-10 and 11+. Parents, educators and community leaders appreciate KGM as a trusted source for learning website development, game programming, blogging, movie making, animation and more. Instead of sitting in front of a computer screen watching and playing, students CREATE and develop their own projects.

Do you have an interest in a course that we currently do not list? Drop us an e-mail so that we can evaluate your request and if there is enough demand we can create the course! We want to customize our program to the needs of our customers.

Our Expert Instructors

With over 25 years of experience in education, technology and parenting, our professional team of instructors work with each student and customize their program to their level of ability so they can work at their own pace within the class to make any learning experience fun, relevant, interactive and exceptional. Our instructors are carefully selected, highly skilled and ready to ignite any child’s desire to learn, know and create. As we cherish not only the level of education that we provide, each instructor is trained in CPR-C, to ensure the health of our students and be ready for any unforeseen circumstances.

Our Best in Class Software / Hardware Partners

We work with leading technology partners such as Microsoft, Apple and Adobe, Oracle to provide innovative computer learning in a classroom setting that is dynamic, creative and progressive. By integrating software and concepts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carnegie Mellon University and other educational institutions, we provide best in class education to our next generation.

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Our Unique Learning Environment

Our unique hands–on learning format puts the student in the driver’s seat to learn many core competencies such as computer animation, Microsoft X-Box game creation, WordPress, HTML5 and JAVA, Website and Blogging, photo and video editing as well as many other exciting and cutting edge programs. Our goal is to guide and instruct each student so that all new skills and knowledge can be adapted for the home computer. Many of the programs and tools used are available from our website for free so the learning never stops. Students feel empowered and confident to continue to strengthen their newfound skills to create, shape their future and make the world their own.

Our Convenient Locations

Kids Great Minds conducts courses in libraries, community centres and schools throughout Toronto and surrounding areas such as Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket and more. Click on link to see schedule by location

Radio Interview

Our very own Director of Education, Alex Buk was interviewed by the University of Toronto Radio. Listen to the recording here.