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Computer Animation: Cartoons

Come unleash your imagination in this program by creating your own animated cartoon movie. You will be guided step by step, using your own voice and funny special effect sounds in a computerized environment, as you create and watch your cartoon come to life. This course develops logical and motor skills, stimulating creativity and self expression. At the end of the program children will bring home their animated movie.

Computer Animation: Comic Strips

Communicate your message using comic strips. By using simple steps, we will create comics to share ideas, jokes, short amusing tales and whatever comes to mind. No need to draw!!!! Choose from lists of characters, backgrounds and shapes from the already installed templates. This course inspires creativity, thinking and story telling.

Computer Animation: Interactive

We will create fun animated movies, greeting cards and more…. Using the easy to use drawing tools and fun templates. No need to draw!!!!! Choose the colored background or choose a background and color it yourself! Then, simply add characters such as animals, people, monsters (don’t worry, they are not scary) or draw you own character on a story, where you decide what happens. On the last class, you will take home all the movies to share with your family!

Creating a TV show

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Have you ever wanted to be a TV star? Utilizing a user friendly yet extremely powerful software, you will learn how to create a complete TV Show, where you are the star! Are you ready to be a news anchor or a movie star? Come and learn how to create the script, film, edit and add effects to your own creation. At the end of this course you will take a DVD with your show for everyone to see. All TV shows must follow our non-violence policy.

Video Editing

Utilizing a user friendly yet extremely powerful software, you will learn how to create and modify your own movie. Our course will show you step by step how to do it and before you know it, you will create amazing movies with titles, sound, video effects and much more, in no time. If you’re ready to have fun and learn how Hollywood makes movies then come learn the secrets of movie making with us. All movies must follow our non-violence policy.

Photo Editing

Have you ever wanted to change a picture and make it look fun? Or even give color to an old picture? Utilizing a user friendly yet extremely powerful software, you will learn how to modify your own pictures. This course will show you the best techniques to modify pictures. You will have modified pictures before you know it! If you are looking for a fun computer photo editing experience, look no further, join us and discover the artist in you. All pictures must follow our non-violence policy.

Computer Animation

Make your avatar and see it come to live!

Introducing the world’s easiest animation course, designed to have your drawings up and moving in minutes! It will let you design animations for movies, greeting cards and presentations.

Unlock your inner animator with this amazing course!

This course is designed to encourage the artist in everyone. The program’s simple-to-use tools, engaging design, and multiple levels offer a fun, rewarding experience providing the novice animator the tools to create with confidence!