Please find our most Frequently Asked Questions answered below – if you can’t find what you need then feel free to Contact Us so we can help you directly.

What do kids do at KGM classes and workshops?

Kids, 6 years and up, experience fun computer learning with our methodology through various digital media classes & workshops such as programming languages, animation, website creation, blogging, movie making, photo editing, on line radio, game creation, and safe internet usage software programs such as EXCEL, WORD & POWERPOINT. Throughout our programs, students learn to use progressive software originating from such technological leaders as Carnegie Mellon University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Click here to learn more about classes we offer!

Where can my child take these classes and workshops?

KGM classes & workshops are conveniently located in many communities such as Toronto, Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Mississauga and others. Classes are generally provided through libraries, community centres & schools. Click here to view a full list of our locations and schedules!

Do you conduct workshops through schools as well?

Yes we do! We have a wide breadth of classroom orientated workshops that complement today’s school curriculum. Educators can choose a subject and we’ll work with them customizing and preparing the material to give students a fun & innovative approach to learn science, math, social studies and more. Click here to view workshops and contact us!

What do you mean by ‘customizing’ the learning experience?

At KGM we believe that every child is unique and learns differently. Our highly experienced instructors work with each student so that they progress at their own pace regardless of their level of knowledge. The end result is a confident, enthusiastic & motivated child ready to advance to the next level.

Can a child / student work on their projects at home?

Yes they can! We partner with best in class technology providers to give us the most current software which is portable and available for download so the learning continues even after the class is over! Links to download the software will be provided for in class.

How do I register my child if I am a community member?

You can register either online or by contacting us at 1-855-543-7473. To register your child for a class, workshop or summer camp online just click here to view classes and workshops available by location and simply click REGISTER NOW for any course you are interested in. You will be connected to the on-line registration at your choice of location. Follow the directions on the site. You may need to create a login & password for that particular municipality if you have not previously signed in as a registered client.

Can my child bring their own laptops to the class or workshop?

Yes you can or KGM will supply the necessary resources. We appreciate you ensuring your laptop is in good working order prior to the class to eliminate any potential disruptions occurring.

What do parents, teachers and municipality partners say about the KGM program?

We constantly receive positive feedback from all our community partners! The most often comments we hear are regarding our breadth of classes and age groups covered in our curriculum, our unique and fun learning environment, the great software tools we use, our innovative and creative teaching methods and our convenient locations.