Xbox / PC Interactive Game Creation

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Microsoft Xbox / PC Interactive Game Creation

PC and Xbox 360 Interactive Game Creation

Barcode: 488671
Children will learn a visual programming language that allows them to create and play their own video games on a PC or Xbox 360 using a simple language and entirely icon-based interface. They will learn advanced game design concepts in a simple, direct, and intuitive manner. There are 20 different characters with different abilities along with multiplayer and multi-level options. This intelligent screen time is an excellent opportunity to introduce kids to computer programming.
Excluding: October. 8th

Price: C$154.00

Date: October 1, 2019

Meeting Room
Northview Community Center
150 Beatrice St E
L1G 7T6 Map and Directions

PA Day Experience - Games and Animations Programming Camp

Barcode: 225968
Children will spend the day using a fun and easy to use multimedia software, while having great adventures creating games and animations. Children will work collaboratively to solve problems, design projects and communicate ideas using stackable blocks of code. All projects will be sent to parents at the end of the camp.

Price: C$93.00

Date: February 1, 2019

Milton Leisure Centre
1100 Main St E
Meeting Room
Milton, ON
L9T 6H7
Canada Map and Directions

Video Game Creation Workshop

Barcode: 21309
This intelligent screen time workshop is an excellent opportunity for kids to be introduced to the basics of computer programming and video game creation in a fun, simple, direct, and intuitive manner. At the end of the workshop, participants will be sent their games.

Price: C$45.00

Date: February 6, 2019

McKinney Centre
222 McKinney Dr
Upper Meeting
Whitby, ON
L1R 3M3
Canada Map and Directions

3D Modelling and Printing Workshop

In this 3D printing and modelling workshop, participants will be introduced into the basics of 3D Design. Children will sculpt and render a small 3D creation, in preparation for actual 3D printing. Your 3D creation will be sent home at the end of this workshop.
Barcode: 62501

Price: C$45.00

Date: February 23, 2019

Margaret Dunn Valleywood Library
20 Snelcrest Dr
Community Room
Caledon, ON
L7C 1B5
Canada Map and Directions