“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them”.
Leo F. Buscaglia, American Author, motivational speaker and professor

It’s never too early to start learning technology!

All of us who are parents know it is never too early to begin teaching their children the essentials of language, reading, writing and mathematical skills, but what about the basics of computers and programming for children?

Authorities say that children as young as four can start on the basics of computer skills. At five, a child’s brain is mature enough to understand games and simple computer operations which is usually a good gateway into other useful computer skills. Do not expect them to architect data centres or to create complex spreadsheets but they will have fun while learning programming.

At age six or once they have started grade school you can then start to incorporate more advanced programs for your child. At many afterschool programs there are computer learning classes and local libraries offer weekend workshops just for kids.

At age nine of ten kids can grasp complex binary codes and decipher some computer program concepts. At eleven they are ready to gradually learn to program.

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How can I support my child’s computer learning?

As each stage is reached, a greater capability is developed in your child. You can support this learning and build confidence in your child by exposing him / her to courses in digital media such as basics in computers, software, programming, website development, blogging, game creation and computer animation to name a few.

Kids Great Minds provides a comprehensive selection of classes and workshops for your child that will help him / her to learn and to grow in the world of computers and digital media. Click below to see what fun computer learning is all about for your child!

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