“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”
-William Arthur Ward, Writer and Teacher

Calling all Great Teachers! At Kids Great Minds our great teachers want to help you inspire your students by providing you with a superior education program and class format for fun computer learning! As a leading technology provider, our team of trained and experienced instructors can provide training and development for your class and inspire students to be creative, imaginative and confident with computers, audiovisual equipment and the internet.

As you know from your exemplary teaching experience and connecting with kids, not every student acquires knowledge the same way. The more learning options and tools a child is exposed to the higher the degree of flexibility in their learning style.

The learning methodology is your choice! Our In –Class workshops are highly flexible in content, time frame and involvement. All the workshops are supporting a specific unit of the curriculum. We conduct the session while working with the teacher to prepare specific material customized for his / her classroom. Our Instructors direct your students in a relaxed, fun and exploratory setting to inspire creativity and imagination in all your students.

Our instructors are fully equipped with not only professional knowledge in their field of expertise, but also through our technology partners, the latest in all software and hardware resources.

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Choose from a variety of Curriculum Workshops to be customized to your needs as an educator. Help build media literacy skills through an introductory workshop on computers and the internet or Microsoft WORD, EXCEL or POWERPOINT, video or movie editing, integrating web design or blogging into your mass media course, or various programming languages as well as animation for sciences, math, language, social studies to name a few. A special workshop is available for grades 7 and 8 to conduct an ONLINE RADIO show which is always a popular choice!

“Kids Great Minds conducted a workshop for my grade 6 class that was awesome. My students were so excited about the animation used to explain basic science concepts. It was a great compliment to reinforce an established curriculum”.
Nancy Reese, Elementary School Teacher, J.B. Little Public School

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