Jacqueline Linton, Principal at Baythorn P.S.


February 2012


Reference Letter:             Kids’ Great Minds


It is my pleasure to provide positive feedback regarding the Kids’ Great Minds program that was conducted at Baythorn P.S.

Under the guidance of Sonia Karabin and Alex Buk, our grade 2/3 class prepared animated video clips of different science concepts.  The students were excited to learn how to use a new computer program that could make movies. As they played with the computer program they were immersed in science content for many hours and they can now demonstrate a deeper understanding of the science principles compared to the way the concepts have been traditionally taught.

Sonia and Alex interacted with the students in a very supportive and professional manner.  The students had a wide range of skills and needed differing levels of support to be successful.  With the expert session planning and classroom management of Sonia and Alex, all students were engaged in the work and successfully produced an animated clip of the science content related to their grade level.

It is extremely important for Sonia and Alex to provide high quality instruction for all students.  They have two children in elementary school and realize the impact that solid partnerships with parents, teachers and experts can have on students’ learning.  They wanted to share their knowledge and support the work that teachers do in the classroom.  They understand that presentations in schools must be affordable so that all students can benefit from enriching learning opportunities.

I have no hesitation recommending ‘Kids’ Great Minds’ as a special service provider for any school.

Great Courses!

“My daughter loves this program because it is very hands-on. Kids can certainly put their wide imagination into good use when they learn how to do computer animation!”

Perfect Teaching Style

Quin is enjoying the animation class this term. He LOVES it. This is the first class that he has taken where he reminds ME that it’s time to go to class. The software is incredible and easy for him but more than that, the way you teach the kids and the environment that you create is most amazing. Instead of being the ‘teacher’ you become one with the kids and you journey together through the amazing adventure of animation. Congratulations!

Best Teacher

Thank you so much for teaching and introducing me the world of powerpoint. I have been out of school for a quite long time and powerpoint is totally a new thing for me. Your sense of humor has ease my nerves in the class and helps me to learn from nothing to where I know I could use these skills and information for my children and maybe for my future job.

I can’t thank you enough again as every weeks I learned some and actually you have taught me more than the powerpoint. Not only have you helped us the powerpoint but you connected us to the amazing internet world.

I have been asking so many questions – easy, very easy and some questions even my kids know how to do it but me. You explained again and maybe again and again. I appreciated for what you have done for me and that’s worth more than I have paid for this class.

I wish the class will never ends but we have to say good bye in two more classes. Thank you again. And happy teaching just like you always do.