Kids Great Minds (Fun Computer Learning)


Virtual Reality Character Design

Interested in 3D modelling and virtual reality? Learn how to create high resolution, textured characters that can be seen with virtual reality (VR) devices and later used in animations and video games. VR googles will be on site so participants can see their amazing work.

Computer Games and Animations Programming

Design interactive games and animate characters using Scratch, the kid-friendly coding language created by MIT. This visual programming language features a drag-and-drop interface with colourful, stackable blocks of code which children connect together through logical and creative thinking.

Cartoon Computer Animation

Dive into STEAM and the creative world of cartoon animation! Bring your stories to life: learn the basics of animation design to experience what a great animator you can become! Work in a guided and computerized environment to express yourself through animated storylines. Learn storyboarding, create short computer animated cartoons, television shows or movies, and …

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